Girl rapping makes boy choke: Rap battle 

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me trying v hard rn to pay the fuck attention but like my philosophy class goes faster than this!!

I always complain about how many freshman there are in this class, and how lame and disrespectful they are,

but like shout out to most of them, they’re hella paying attention, 

teach me your wayss

I just can’t pay attention in this fucking bio class ugh.

But it’s so damn interesting, like I love this shit, I love the textbook,

it’s just the slowness of lecture, and the shitty power point,

I can’t.


it doesn’t carry the same weight? you didn’t have to spend your childhood worried about people making fun of your mom and grandma when they came to pick you up? purposely not bringing your own food from home because people would tease you? getting told “you’re the only cool indian i hate indian people they all are annoying” by the same people who go to the boardwalk to get “henna”

getting asked “yeah so like do you pray to elephants” and then seeing lord ganesha on a tshirt in urban outfitters? being worn by people who aren’t clean? like you’re going to go to the bathroom with that shirt on? i can’t even go in the temple when i have my period?

thinking a bindi is ok to wear when i still get asked “so are you a dot head or feather head”? you missed me with all that


i love physical touch.  like not even kissing and stuff just like.  sitting next to each other with our arms touching or our legs overlapping or walking next to each other with our arms brushing i love knowing im real i love existing with people i love it

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No really. Watch this.

Ancient Chinese instrument, the sheng, which originated back in 1,100 BC, and it can perfectly replicate the music in Mario.

It even makes the coin noises.

Fuckin excellent

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David is one of the ultimate homies. I miss him a ton when I’m home and I’m glad that he always makes time for me when I’m down in sj. We always end up parked somewhere late at night and talk about shit until we fall asleep. Then we wake up at 2 and one of us drives the other to their car.
Tonight it was the rose garden, and I was driving.
his friends r also very cool and seem to like me, and his parents r awesome too! I’m just glad I have a friend as reliable as him
He’s so great & I’m happy & tired 
Goodnight (:)

I ‘m so stoked to spend time with both my families tomorrow!!!

I’m not being sarcastic I’m just really tired.


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